The Handspun Cow Educational Homestead

The Handspun Cow Educational Homestead is a donation-based, working homestead in the beautiful hills of central Vermont. We are passionate in our commitment of demonstrating and teaching low-impact living, place-based eating, and healthy land stewardship by using mostly hand tools. We teach practical and sustainable homesteading skills through immersion programs, including apprenticeship programs and weekend intensives. Participants will learn animal husbandry (including milking), cheese making, low-impact gardening, making hay with a scythe, and wood-fired cooking. Additional skills such as soap making, natural dyeing, basket weaving, preparing wool, spinning, and knitting are also available upon participants’ requests.  

In keeping with our philosophies, all meals prepared here are made from local ingredients, the majority coming from this homestead.

Apprenticeship Program:

For those who are interested in a longer-term educational experience, the apprentice program may be for you, and involves immersion into the daily routines, work, and problem solving of a real homestead operation. We expect a minimum three-month commitment (with the ability for the apprentice to stay longer if desired), the results of which are a much more practical hands-on and day-to-day understanding of real and sustainable homesteading life.

Apprentices are expected to work 6-8 hours per day, 5 days a week, and on all homestead tasks in trade for room, board and educational opportunities.

This year apprentices will have to camp out , and will share a communal cabin where meal cooking will take place.

Weekend Immersion:

This is an opportunity to experience the homestead for a weekend, the principle focus of which will be cheese making, milking and other related tasks and skills.  

A suggested donation of $80-$150 for the Weekend Immersion Program will also include on-site prepared meals from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

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